Lime Washed American White Oak

Here we have some brand-new flooring we've supplied to a lovely home in Dolans Bay, Sutherland Shire area. This particular floor is a Lime Washed American White Oak, 180mm Wide.

This lovely waterfront home looks even more stylish with its distractingly beautiful timber flooring now completed.

For the best American oak flooring for East and North Sydney, call on Sydney Flooring! We specialise in this much-desired style of timber flooring.

Lime Washed

A lime-washed wood floor is highly sought-after for its beauty. It boasts a bright, clean finish, adding light and a feeling of airiness to your interiors and offering a ‘black canvas’ suitable to a wide range of tastes and styles in interior design. The simplicity of the bleached finish won’t impose on your home, while also offering an intangible sense of opulence to the interior.

Many argue that American Oak Flooring in East or North Sydney is difficult to keep clean. That the lightness of the wood won’t stay that way for long and must be treated with kid gloves – not exactly suitable for a young family’s home. However, the lime-washing means the surface is much easier to clean.