Chestnut Flooring

Chestnut Flooring is an elegant choice for enthusiasts of wood flooring. For chestnut flooring, Sydney siders need to look no further than the homegrown Sydney Flooring!

Chestnut is characterised by a range of subtle gradations in colour. From paper straw browns, to tones reminiscent of coffee or chocolate. The floors prove very durable, and in fact can last for generations. This is great news for those building their dream home!

For those who are looking for minimal maintenance, this is the choice. Your chestnut floor won’t collect dirt or dust, highly suitable for those with respiratory issues.

Wormy Chestnut

We also stock the more evocative ‘wormy chestnut’, known for being reared in extremely harsh climates that leave their mark on the wood. Wormy chestnut wood is knotted and veined from drought and fire, and often bears the markings of insects and work marks. This illustrative wood connects you to the awesome extremes of the Australian environment.