Add Property Value with Timber Flooring in Caringbah

If you’re looking to increase property value to your home in the Caringbah area, then head down to Sydney Flooring. We are leading experts in the timber flooring sector, having services Caringbah and surrounding areas for over fifty years. Our premium timber floorboards are eco-friendly as they are recyclable and from sustainable suppliers.


If you’re looking to improve your property’s value, aesthetic, or general appeal, then timber flooring is the choice for you. Timber flooring can last for generations without cracking, making it the perfect choice for investment properties or rentals. Our timber flooring won’t stain from liquids such as red wine, however, it’s best to clean spilled liquid up quickly. Timber floorboards react to moisture by swelling, which means any prolonged exposure to liquids will cause the timber to expand.

No need to pay for expensive flooring removal as Sydney Flooring can install your new timber flooring straight over your old, damaged flooring. At Sydney Flooring, we are dedicated to saving our clients time and money, ensuring our installation is perfect and our products are of high-quality. When timber floorboards are installed correctly, they can last for generations with re-sanding and refinishing, making them the perfect choice for your property.


To inquire about installing timber flooring in your Caringbah property, visit us instore or call Sydney Flooring on 02 9755 1899.